Rewinding and Doing Things Over

4/28/2017 Update: I am temporarily making this post “sticky” as it contains a large to-do list.  As I work through my to do list below, I’ll cross items off and update with pictures.

Even though I had a partially functioning bike, it wasn’t right.  I mean, I could get from here to there on it, but it was a jalopy with no brakes, ready to fall apart at any moment.  I’ve made several mistakes along the way that now I’ve set about going back to fix. Even if that requires me to strip it all down to its bare bones.

Mistakes or issues that need to be remedied:

  • DONE Fork is wrong size:  I ordered a new 1 1/8″ fork with disc brake mounts that will hold a 700c wheel.
  • DONE Head tube is mounted centered vertically, which doesn’t give room for fork cables if it has caliper brakes. Once the new fork comes in, I’m going to reassess whether I need to cut, grind, and reweld this part.
  • DONE – Used original 1″ tube Seat support (back support) tube was welded on crooked, making it hard to properly mount the seat. I cut it off and grinded down the main boom. I’ll be using 1.5″ tube (instead of 1″) for the replacement.  Old seat tube picture below:

  • DONE Seat frame’s “stretchers” (the 3/4″ conduit) weren’t trimmed before I welded them, causing the seat to mount too high above the frame.  I’ve cut the entire thing apart and will reweld.
  • DONE Seat frame sides (1/2″ conduit) are too weak near the top.  While pulling my new temporary rope seat tight, one started to bend inward. There are only two 3/4″ stretchers: under your butt and in the middle of your back. I will cut and weld on an additional one or two stretchers.
  • DONE – Ordered parts from Bacchetta. Future post will detail. Gooseneck and gooseneck bracket are weak and crooked. I need to replace both with a better long term solution.

To Do

  1. DONE Weld on new back support tube
  2. DONE Weld on support beam for idler
  3. DONE Attach idler
  4. DONE Install proper rear derailleur
  5. DONE Route chain
  6. DONE Install proper fork
  7. DONE Install front disc brakes
  8. DONE rear disc brakes
  9. DONE Mount Seat
  10. Stretch fabric onto mounted seat
  11. DONE Determine and install shifting system
  12. DONE Mark everything and then dismantle!
  13. DONE Paint and reassemble
  14. Take it apart and fix whatever I missed along the way, haha.

Wish me luck!!  Look at that to do list and fix it list!  Here’s a great place for a donate button! 😀


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