Rear Fork Arms

I’ve just fabricated the arms that will hold the rear dropouts, which, in turn, hold the wheels on:

Similar part from a Bacchetta Corsa (circled)

This is part of a larger piece that I still need to finish, so normally this wouldn’t be enough to justify a whole blog post.  But, it’s my very first fabricated part with my new welder, so I want to brag!

The steel tubes are cut at a 45° angle:

Another piece of tubing is cut and ground as flat as possible, then welded onto the end:

Some work on the grinder to remove all my ugly welding:

A Before and After shot:

Both pieces ground down:

Here is a closeup of the finished piece.  What I’m most proud of is that, unlike something that is affixed or glued, there is no line where the cap was attached. The weld makes the entire thing a single piece of metal.  Neato!

Look ma, no seam!

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