Quick Update on Seat, Transmission, Head Tube

I have brief updates on a few topics, so I’ll put them all into a single post.


My neighbor T10 rides a Bacchetta, which is a nice bike, so I’ve leaned on him for some design advice. The plans call for the return (slack / non-drive) side of the chain to be routed through a piece of hose. This is fairly common on recumbents I’ve seen.

However, the Bacchettas use the idler for both sides of the chain.  I asked T10 which he preferred (he has bikes with either) and he said idler all the way.

So so this is another diversion from the plans. Instead of sourcing an inexpensive idler pulley from a Tractor Supply type store, I ordered one directly from Bacchetta.


Diversions from the plans are okay!  The seat will be another one.

The plans call for cutting some plywood for a seat and back, then upholstering with fabric and covering the staples with plastic from an old storage tote.  (Remember, the plans are for cheap, upcycled bikes.) I’m currently planning to follow Bacchetta’s lead again and make a framed mesh seat.

I found some plans online that look promising.  Future posts will outline the process.

Head Tube

I pushed the cups into the head tube using the homemade tool I mentioned before.  It wasn’t easy, but it worked!

The head tube’s outer diameter is wider than the square tubing, so I cut the main boom at the spot where it’ll be welded on.  Welding a cylinder to a straight edge means making a “fish mouth” cut in the square tubing.  To make things easier, I sketched up some paper templates that I glued onto the metal.

Once the glue dries, it’ll just be a matter of cutting away everything within the grey semi-circle. The templates are glued on the top and bottom faces, hopefully ensuring that the same cut is made on all sides.


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