Mounting the Seat

I am still waiting on fabric for the seat.  (Heck, the seat frame isn’t even fully welded yet!). But the approximate location of the seat is necessary for the next step, which is figuring out where your handlebars will go.

I used some rope to form a makeshift seat.  I bought a few U-bolts at Lowes and drilled appropriately spaced holes in some bar stock that I’d cut.

This turned out to be a pretty good, simple system for mounting the seat.  I was able to change the angles a few times and test it out.  The rope isn’t a long-term solution obviously, but I was a little surprised how comfortable it was.

You can see the rope seat and the unfinished seat frame in the picture above.

The next step will be installing a gooseneck piece onto the headset and working out the steering!


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