Head Tube Weld Finished

It isn’t pretty, but I’m sure it’s strong!  That’s what’s important, right?  As mentioned in the previous post, I had a significant amount of gap to fill:

The 3/32 filler rod came in handy again. I must be improving somewhat because I was able to weld 3/32 onto the 1/16″ square tubing without blowing through it or melting it all to hell.

Anyway, I first laid down a bead of 1/16:

Then it was game on. These are big, ugly welds. But I have to keep reminding myself that they have a few things going for them.  First, they’re solid metal. The tubes should break before they do.  Second, as bad as they look, one thing I know for sure is that that at each end, the metals flowed nicely.  I took my time to make sure that happened. Lastly, I still think they look better than many of the MIG welds I’ve seen on others’ blogs and videos.  These aren’t pretty.  But I’ve seen worse.

In this shot, you can see that the weld was hot enough to melt the inside without punching a hole through. That’s a good thing.

 I’m confident that these will hold, and I plan to grind them later so they’ll be a little prettier.


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