Gooseneck Update

I got the headset all installed.  Now it’s time to figure out where the gooseneck goes.

The riding position of a recumbent leaves your arms nowhere near the handlebar.  So the plans call for cutting the piece that attaches the handlebar and attaching a long gooseneck to it.  I started to cut mine, and it made no sparks.  Uh oh!  It’s aluminum!

This changes everything of course, because aluminum cannot be welded to steel, making the planned gooseneck idea impossible.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that the handlebar piece sits perpendicular to the headset.  This means I can’t use it to clamp in a vertical gooseneck piece.  I was a little discouraged because one more thing was going wrong.  But then I thought, “What the heck.  If it isn’t going to work the official way, let’s try something crazy.”  The following pictures explain what I did.

Now the handlebar piece is (approximately!) parallel to the headset.  As a temporary gooseneck, I bent some 3/4″ conduit and clamped it into the bracket.  You can see it in the picture of me below:



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