Crank Strike – A CRITICAL Problem

The plans warn against this, and I can’t over emphasize this.  Ensure that the crank can never contact your tire!

I wasn’t worried about this until I turned sharply and it caught.  Nope Nope Nope.  This is super bad.  Why am I writing a separate post just for this?  Because the position of your cranks relative to your wheel affects everything!  In order to fix this single problem, I had to move my bottom bracket forward.  This made the bike too long for me to pedal, meaning I had to move my seat forward or the headset back.  The problem is that the headset and seat are permanently mounted to the frame, requiring lots of re-work to fix!  Do not make this mistake!

Here is the (fixed) strike zone now:

Note that heel strike is different than crank strike.  If your heel hits the wheel, well, that just happens sometimes.  Your foot can maneuver out of the way, but the crank is part of your bike.  It’s inflexible.

Fixing this required grinding off the welds for the seat and also removing the rear seat post (and, obviously, re-welding it all).

Now… NOW I can finally put the seat where it needs to be!


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