Chain and Rear Derailleur

The plans say that you need two chains’ worth of length for this project. That’s wrong. There are nearly three chains in this picture!

That chain seems way too long, but the frame is still missing a rear derailleur and main idler pulley.  It was simply too much temptation to drive it around like this, but there’s no way I could leave the chain dangling.  So I rigged up this redneck rear derailleur:

This worked – on the stand.  In real life, it was a disaster.  The cable tie broke, and as I turned a corner, the chain wedged itself between the wheel and cassette.  HARD.  It took all of my strength to unstick it, and it messed up the wheel just enough to cause problems with any loose chain.

To fix that problem, I borrowed a rear derailleur from a junk bike.  It’s a 9 speed, but it works fine as a temporary holder.  The proper 11 speed is on the way.

It was this the temporary derailleur that I took the bike around the neighborhood recently.  Still no brakes, except for the soles of my cheap leather shoes!


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