Seat Construction

Time to take a break from the main bike frame and concentrate on the seat.  It’s made from 1/2″ EMD conduit as per these plans.

Using a pipe bender wedged into my welding table worked pretty well, until I tried to bend some 3/4″ conduit.  That’s when I was reminded – violently – that my old welds might not be super great.  One of the cross pieces separated from the frame of the table and sent me straight down!  Needless to say, that piece is now the strongest part of my table after being completely (and more competently) re-welded.

Speaking of strong, ugly welds, check out this awesome fitup!

You could drive a car through that thing!  Or you could build a bridge:

And another…

And so on, until you’ve filled in that big ugly hole.

Here is the seat skeleton just laid atop the temporary seat (board).  I wanted to get an idea what it would look like when properly mounted.  I think it’s starting to look like a real bike!


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