Euromesh Clone Attempt

I bought some 3/4″ conduit and tried to make a clone of Bacchetta’s Euromesh seat.

This ended up being too wide, and all my attempts to shorten it made it harder and harder to mate the ends up correctly.  Eventually I found someone selling a used Euromesh seat online, so I bought that.  At this point in the project, where I already have a bike that works, I didn’t want to spend hours and hours building a part that might be funky.  I’m trying to imagine being on whatever I build for an entire day, like on a Century ride.

The Euromesh seat came in the mail, and as soon as I handled it, I knew I’d made the right choice.

Pannier Rack!

I mounted a pannier rack onto the back to help with commuting.  It’s pretty heavy when it is full (about 10 lbs I think), and it throws the balance off a bit.  Even so, it’s still the best option for now.

Wrapped Handlebars and Cable Runs

I finally wrapped my handlebars!  Now that I have a front derailleur installed (news hardly worth an entire post about), it was finally time to make the cable runs look halfway decent.

As you can see in the picture above, the bike doesn’t fit too nicely onto the back of my car.  It’s top-heavy, and it doesn’t have a place to sit nicely onto the rack horizontally.  A little too far to the right or left, and you’re catching the chain, putting weight on the idler, or something.  It’s actually pretty annoying, but it DOES work.

Also, since I haven’t bothered to upholster the seat yet, the layers of foam are starting to separate.  The orange bungee cord is so they don’t blow off for good while the car is speeding down the road!