More Design Twists

(Continued from last post)

Design Twists 4 and 5 – Ultramilers and Racers

These aren’t really kinks in the plan.  Honestly, it’s just letting my imagination run wild.  A serious case of scope creep.  I can’t be too hard on myself though.  I don’t have a welder, so I can’t exactly get started right now anyway.

I was outside cleaning my bikes, and up rides a guy on a recumbent bicycle.  Turns out he lives right down the street.  Long story short, he invites me over for a beer and we have a nice long conversation about how he and some friends are going to make a cycling trip across the US some time in the next couple years.  He invited me along with a couple other guys for a Saturday ride.  We did about 60 miles, and I got to see what a two-wheeled recumbent bike was like.  Great.  Another project to build.  🙂

His bike is a high-racer style recumbent bicycle, also sometimes called a stick bike.  The retail price on a model like this is about $2400.


Another design I encountered while searching is the Low Racer.  A low racer places the rider much closer to the ground.  Supposedly they are extremely fast, albeit with a little less stability.

Further research into velomobiles confirms they may not be the best choice for my current location (Houston, TX) because of the high dew point in the summer.  Essentially even if you move air through them, it won’t be enough to cool you off.

I’ve decided what I’m going to build, finally.  I’ll write about them next.



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