1.5 Donor Bikes Received!

I put ads on several online forums asking for people’s junk bikes. A couple guys from the Woodlands Bike Social replied, so now I have one and a half donor bikes!

Bike Number One is a steel framed Magna donated by John.

It has some nice looking shocks on the fork.

The straight handlebars may come in useful as well.

There will be plenty of opportunities to make good with this frame.  In fact, the only thing broken about the bike is that the bottom bracket has a stripped crank bolt!

Bike Number 1.5 is an interesting contraption donated by Leo:

It attaches to the back of a mountain bike, converting it into a tandem. The front sprocket attaches to your mountain bike’s chain, replacing its back wheel  the crank actually has two identically sized chainrings.

This allows a second person to pedal, sending the power to the rear of the frame, where you’ve moved your bike’s back tire. Very interesting, and made of heavy duty aluminum as far as I can tell.

One project I’d like to make eventually is a pedal-powered generator.  This device looks like it’s got the perfect gearing setup.

Leo also said he used to build bikes and finally stopped because he’d built more than enough for him to use.  With that, he gave me a box full of miscellaneous parts, including chain rings and trigger shifters.  One day I’ll be satisfied and pass my own box of parts onto another hobbyist.

Thank you Leo and John!



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